Day Long Workshop on “Nine Points To Be An Effective Leader”

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Start Date: May 16, 2014
End Date: May 16, 2014
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Location: House # 55, Road # 6, Block # C, Banani, Dhaka -1213

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Day Long Workshop on “Nine Points To Be An Effective Leader


 About The Workshop:

Leadership begins from within. A leader builds trustworthiness in him through years of practices based on principles. He becomes proactive and carries the courage to take responsibility. He is ready to challenge fear. He can make decisions to prioritize his actions in line with their life goal. His consistent behavior and positive energy attracts others to follow him. Credibility, competence and courage give him true leadership excellence.

Here we will explore all the traits needed to be a true leader. All traditional approaches to deal day to day issues/problems will be examined with numerous practical examples. In contrast, we will suggest scientific techniques to practice leadership skills in effective ways within shortest time span. The learning’s enable you to lead successful and happy life, both in professional and personal arenas.


How the participants will benefit after this workshop:

After completion of the training, the participants will have a greater sense of meaning & purpose. They will become the creative force of their own life. They will explore the life goal. Theses self-awareness practices will inspire them to take initiatives in the way of achieving greater success. They will have clear definitions of desired results which will guide them for effective use of time, resulting fewer crises. The participants will be able to see things differently to solve problems rather than traditional quick fixing. They can identify the balance in production & production capability which is the key factor for sustainable productivity. The training will help them to develop and maintain better relationships with greater influence over others.



Who would be benefited?

  • Management Trainee
  • Executives
  • Senior Executives
  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Project & Team Leaders
  • Business Professionals who are interested in acquiring effective leadership skills
  • Anybody who wants to develop his/her leadership skills.


Contents of Workshop:


  • Basic understanding of key ideas and jargons
  • Character vs. Attitudes – Attitude is nothing but the reflection of character
  • Balancing Production and Production Capability – root of sustainable productivity
  • Trust – the root of relationships & influencing others


MODULE 2 – TakE Responsibility, Start Upfront

  • Be proactive, take responsibility. Focus on decisions not conditions.
  • Happiness and growth lies on the effective use of the very thin space between the effects & responses.
  • Identify the areas where we should put our effort to expand our influencing areas.
  • Be the changed person – let’s start from within.


MODULE 3 – Effective Planning Leads to Successful Execution

  • Everything is created twice – Mental creation preceded physical creation; effective planning is the prerequisite for a successful outcome.
  • Life Center – should be based on principles
  • Personal Mission Statement –prioritizes your actions and makes all decisions of life.


MODULE 4 – Job Prioritization & time management

  • Job Prioritization – Correct prioritization and effective planning can win over ‘time’.
  • Reduce Firefighting – Identify your urgent & important things.
  • Say ‘no’ to the deceptive jobs and time wasters.


MODULE 5 – Effective Communications

  • Listen to others – Clear understanding on other’s input is critical
  • Empathic listening – is the key to enhance your skill of understanding.
  • Speak effectively – with right blend of positive languages, tones, styles & expressions


MODULE 6 – Striving for Mutual Benefits

  • Six aspects of human interactions
  • Striving for Mutual Benefits – the best form of interaction
  • Right balance in ‘courage’ & ‘consideration’ is the key to ‘win-win’ agreement.


MODULE 7 – Leadership Excellence

  • What is Leadership?
  • Positive energy & Trustworthiness – key to effective leadership.
  • Focus on three ‘C’s – Credibility, Competence and Courage.
  • Focus on team works –people are the important part of the organization, involving them in decision making.


MODULE 8 – Resolving Conflicts Rationally and Effectively

  • Conflicts are obvious – they must be resolved effectively.
  • Conflicts are good (!) – it can head to personal and professional growth.
  • Conflict resolution styles – competitive, collaborative, accommodating, avoiding.


MODULE 9 – Continuous Renewal of Self

  • Focus on production capability not on productivity only.
  • Four dimensions for growth – health, mind, emotion & spirit – Tips for each dimension.
  • Renewal & growth must be balance in all dimensions – greater capacity, stronger relationships and improved productivity both in personal and professional life.

All the topics will be covered through Real life illustration.

Trainer Profile:


Md. Zaved Parvez

Mr. Zaved Parvez has ten years of professional experience in multinational telco industry. Currently he is working as Vice President & Head of Integrated Planning Department under Finance Division of Robi Axiata Limited. Apart from his strategic and leadership contributions to the company, Mr. Parvez is an official in-house trainer of Robi. People development is his hobby. His areas of interests are – ‘Leadership & Competence Developments’, ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Neuro Linguistic Programming’.

He is the visionary leader and founder of a non-profit & non-political organization which works towards the knowledge based development for the deprived community of Bangladesh.

Mr. Parvez is a bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) and completed his MBA from American Int. University of Bangladesh (AIUB). Besides he has participated in numbers of competence development workshops and seminars in country and abroad. He is the co-writer of a couple of international publications related to cellular technology.


Per Person Fees: 3,500Tk. Only

Registration Last Date 25th September, 2014 by 3.00PM

 Please Call For Registration

 Ms.Suraiya Mou, Md.Kamrul Hasan

(Training Division)

Cell: 01946752388, 01867397323



Institute Of Professional Development Programs (IPDP)

House # 55, (2nd Floor), Flat # B2, Road # 6, Block # C, Banani, Dhaka -1213.


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